Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English: Today we have created Islamic Quotes’s collection for our readers, so that you can share such amazing Islamic Quotes on your social media profile including WhatsApp & Facebook.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

1. Allah knows what is the best for you and when it’s best for you to have it.

2. Take every day as a chance to become a better Muslim.

3. The solution to every problem is in Sabbr (Patience) & Istigfaar (Seeking forgiveness)

4. The dunya is not the resting place it is the testing place.

5. Do not lose hope, nor be sad.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

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6. Allah can change the most hopeless situation into the best moment in your life.

7. Allah made you a Muslim because he wants to see you in Jannah, all you’ve to do is prove that you’re worthy of it.

8. Patience is pillar of faith.

9. O Allah! Renew the Imaan in my heart.

10. Raise your words not voice.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

11. Be happy, do not let the sadness destroy you. Say alhamdulillah on everything that happens to you.

A knife didn’t kill Ismail,
The fire didn’t burn Ibrahim,
A whale didn’t eat Younus,
The sea didn’t drown Musa,
Be with Allah & Allah will protect you!

13. Allah give the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

14. It is difficult to be patient but to waste the rewards of patience is worse. Hz Abu-Bakr As Siddique (RA)

15. Know that sometimes heartbreak happens just to push you to Allah.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

16. He only says to it, be and it is.

17. And you feared the people while Allah has more right that you fear him.

18. Patience will break you, wreak you, make you want to scream out loud, make you want to leave everything, but for his love, keep going, keep trying because he promised that he loves and is with the patient. He promised. He promised.

19. Our Lord! forgive me and my parents, and (all) the believers on the day when the reckoning will be established. Quran 14:41

20. Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing. Al-Quran 29:45.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

21. My success is only by Allah.

22. You’re never alone because Allah is always with you.

23. Pray until your situation changes. Miracles happen every day, so never stop believing. Allah can change things every quickly.

24. I have never regretted my silence, as for my speech I’ve regretted it many times. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

25. Don’t be sad, Allah is with us.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

26. Ya Allah! Take care of the ones I love. Ameen!

27. Speak only when your words are more beautiful than the silence.

28. To Allah we belong, and to him is our return.

29. The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.

30. Note to self, before going to sleep every night forgive everyone and sleep with a clean heart.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

31. Allah says, you may have someone in your mind, someone in your heart, someone in your dreams, someone in your life, but I am your someone when you have no one.

32. Never underestimate the power of due.

33. Accept the apology. even if it is not sincere. Imam Ali (AS)

34. There is no beauty better than intellect. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

35. The heart made by Allah & for Allah only.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

36. Allah makes the impossible possible.

37. Oh Allah, fix my heart.

38. Your nafs if you do not keep it busy with truth it will keep you busy with falsehood.

39. So be patient. Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth.

40. My success can only come from Allah. Qur’an

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

41. Allah will never leave you empty, he will replace everything you have lost, if he asks you to put something down. It’s because he wants you to pick up something greater.

42. If you worry, you suffer twice. Leave it to Allah.

43. Marry a man who fears. Allah so he will treat you right because of his fear of Allah.

44. Before the Prophet (PBUH) died, he repeated ‘take care of women’ three times, and he was crying when he said it.

45. Call upon me I will answer your prayers. – Quran 40:60

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

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46. A due for my mother, may every tear that has ever fallen from your tired eyes on my behalf become a river for you in paradise. Ameen

47. O my lord, increase me in knowledge. Surah Ta-Ha 225

48. Always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them.

49. You will get what’s written for you. No one can take that from you. So, don’t stress yourself. Trust Allah!

50. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Islamic Quotes And Sayings in English

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